Maximizing Swimsuit Life

Maximizing Swimsuit Life

Take Care Of Your Swimwear

Let’s face it, swimwear isn’t inexpensive – and you can’t swim without it. No matter where your financial position stands in today’s economic conditions, taking steps to maximize the life of your competition swimwear makes sense and will save you time, frustration, and money.

All Swimsuits Age

No matter if you choose Lycra, Nylon, or Polyester for your swimsuit material, your suit won’t last forever. It will eventually lose elasticity, break seams, rip, and fade. Neglecting to take proper care of your swimwear will accelerate the suit aging process. The truly hardcore swimwear fanatics that can’t bear to let go will even notice dry rot on their precious suits – yuck!

The Good News

Do not despair! Taking proper care of your suit can add get weeks or even months of bonus use to this vital piece of swim gear. Just follow these 6 simple steps and you’ll be on your way to longer suit life.

6 Steps / Tips For Making Swimwear Last Longer

1. Proper Swimsuit Fit

When trying on swimwear, make sure that the fit is comfortable and uniformly snug on your body. Try an alternate size or swimsuit if you experience the following:

    • Popping Seams
    • Ripping Fabric
    • Sagging / Baggy Bottoms and Tops

2. Inspection

Before swimming in your new swimsuit, give it a thorough inspection for:

    • Material Runs or Knitting Flaws
    • Seams and Straps that are Poorly Sewn or Loose
    • Missing Drawstrings

Suits that aren’t received in satisfactory condition should be returned for exchange.

3. Rinse – Before You Swim

Once you are certain that you like your suit and wish to keep it, performing a protective pre-rinse with a Suit Saver concentrated is the perfect way to transition your suit into pool water.

4. Rinse – After You Swim

Even if you forgo pre-rinsing your suit, it is essential to give your swimsuit a thorough rinse in the shower once you exit the pool. For the ultimately cleanse and preventative treatment, wash your suit by hand in cold water and swimwear protectant, such as Suit Solutions or Suit Saver, to neutralize and eliminate harmful chlorine and other pool chemical odors.

5. Drying & Other Care

Once you’ve rinsed your swimwear, hang your suit to air dry in an adequately ventilated location that is cool and shaded from sunlight. To avoid stretching and additional damage, never do the following:

    • Never machine wash your swimsuit.
    • Never use bleach or laundry detergent on your suit.
    • Never wring-dry or machine dry your swimsuit.
    • Never iron your swimsuit.

6. Storage

Carefully considering the storage or your swimwear is also very important. Damp swimwear shouldn’t be tossed into a swim bag nor wrapped in a towel and forgotten. Transferring your suit to a mesh gear bag temporarily allows proper ventilation until it can be hung to dry.


Now that you’ve learned proper swimwear care, you’re well equipped to maximize the life or your swimsuit. Now for a swim (and don’t forget to rinse that suit).

Have any other tips or tricks to share? We’d love to hear from you.


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