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Women's Tech Suits

*Tech suits are for exchange only, No refunds*

Tech Suits: Due to the unique nature and design of Tech Suits, we ONLY ACCEPT EXCHANGES within 30 days of the original shipment date from us and ONLY for a different size of the same brand and item style of the tech suit purchased. 

If trying on a Tech Suit – that you would like to still qualify for an exchange – Undergarments MUST be worn when trying on (this does not include a bra).

The Tech Suit being returned for exchange must be in new and unused condition and in its original and undamaged packaging.  Any suits returned to us for exchange that do not meet these requirements will not be approved for exchange and we will return the tech suit to the purchaser.  We will not accept any returns on Tech Suits for refund.

Wide Selection of Exceptional Women’s Tech Suits
You’ve worked hard to get in tiptop shape. But is there any way to give yourself an added edge in the water? One potential way to improve your chances of out-performing everyone else during competitions is by wearing a high-impact women’s technical swimsuit.

Our range of women’s tech suits includes entry, mid-tier and top-tier models. This range of options allows you to find the perfect fit, size, style and price to match your ability — and your budget. 

Improve your personal records and break through performance barriers with a tech suit designed exclusively for female athletes. Order one from All American Swim now.

Why Buy a Women’s Technical Suit?
You’ve probably seen other swimmers wearing body-hugging suits at meets and during other competitive events. These are technical suits, and they offer several key advantages:


Reduced drag: Feel like you’re flying through the pool or open water with a racing swimsuit made of technically superior material that pushes off water. Flat, discreet stitching along the seams creates even less friction for you.
Lightweight feel: Although it takes a little time to put on these super-tight tech suits, they feel like part of your skin once they’re on thanks to their space-age fabrics. They compress your skin and promote excellent form. 
Various back styles: Women’s tech suits come in open backs, closed backs and other variations. The type of back you choose will probably have more to do with personal preference than performance enhancement.
Various lengths: Some female athletes like the way knee-length tech suits fit. Others prefer their tech suits to have classic cuts. Try the length you think will help you best. Or, talk to your swim coach for recommendations.
Improved confidence: Most swimmers agree they just feel more confident when they’re in a technical suit. Confidence can help you shave precious time off your personal bests.

How to Find the Perfect Women’s Tech Suit
Not sure which of our women’s tech suits is the right one to buy? Here’s some good advice, especially if you’re choosing a technical suit for the first time:


Talk to other swimmers and mentors you trust for suggestions.
Read the reviews on the swimwear we sell.
Check out each tech suit’s specs.
Make sure the tech suit you decide on fits your competition and performance level.

Why Buy Women’s Tech Suits From All American Swim?
At All American Swim, we carefully curate all the products we sell. This includes our full lineup of exceptional tech suits.

You’ll notice right away that our tech suits are manufactured by some of the top tech suit brands in the swimwear and athletics industry, such as Finis, Speedo and TYR. Each tech suit maker has a reputation for excellence in the field, which gives you peace of mind as a shopper.

If you have questions about any of our items, including our women’s technical suits, please contact us. Our friendly team members are happy to help you make a great choice. Additionally, you can get free shipping on certain orders of $75 or more. It’s our way to thank you for choosing us!

Bought a women’s tech suit from All American Swim? Leave a review to help other female swimmers!

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