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Facility Equipment

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Pool Deck and Facility Equipment

Most people don't think about all the equipment that goes into creating and maintaining a pool facility. From pool tools to storage to replacement parts for diving boards and side rails, there's always something new for you to add to improve your deck. 

Kiefer Aquatics is your one-stop-shop for all things pool-related. Whether you need assistive devices to make your pool more accessible or new lifeguard chairs to secure your deck, we have options to transform your pool facility.

Types of Equipment

Our equipment is designed to fulfill all of your needs at a new facility or to spruce up your existing area. It helps you improve safety and provide comfort to all pool users. Ordering equipment from Kiefer Aquatics will give you even more benefits, like:

  • Low prices: Get the lowest prices from us or we'll refund the difference.
  • Fast shipping: Get fast, flat-rate shipping at just $7.50 per order, or free shipping on most orders over $75.
  • Easy exchanges: If our equipment doesn't satisfy for any reason, return it within 60 days and exchange it.

Take a look at everything we offer for your pool facility.

Accessibility Features

Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy time in the pool, but not all pools are built with accessibility in mind for people with mobility challenges. Our equipment offerings include tools like easy stairs and ramps, grab bars and lifts. We also have wheelchairs that work better on wet surfaces and even on the beach. All of these tools will make your facility ADA compliant and ensure operations are easier for both your pool staff and those that require ADA-compliant facilities.

Lifeguard Equipment

A good lifeguard chair is essential for keeping all pool or ocean swimmers safe. It has to be tall enough to see the entire water area and sturdy enough that someone can easily and quickly jump off of it. Many of our chairs are all-terrain, making them excellent for indoor pools, outdoor clubs and bodies of water at any location. 

Pool Accessories

You might have a basic pool with a couple of ladders and varying depths but not much else. With equipment from Kiefer, you'll turn any pool into the perfect place for swim teams and divers to practice their moves. You can line lanes with spools of rope and floats or install heavy-duty diving boards for everyone to enjoy. We also offer kid-friendly equipment, like water slides and rafts.

Signs and Storage

With all those fun pool accessories, you'll need a place to store them. You'll find plenty of caddies, equipment racks and poolside storage bins in our inventory to keep floats, rafts, water toys and sports equipment organized.

Another way to keep your pool safe and organized is with signs. Add caution signs, tell people where the lifeguard sits and when they're available or add pool hours so that every user can be on the same page and know the rules they must follow to use the pool safely.

Upgrade Your Locker Room Equipment Today

If you're ready to make your pool facility the best in town, place your order with Kiefer Aquatics today. We'll make sure you have all the equipment you need to create an accessible deck and a comfortable environment for everyone who enters your locker rooms.

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