Lifeguard Rescue Equipment

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  1. Kiefer Deluxe Guard Whistle

    SKU: 691001
    Sale Price $1.50 Regular Price $2.00
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  2. Seal Rite Mask with Waterpark Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710AWL120
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  3. Lifeguard Red Hip Pack/Seal Rite Combo Kit

    SKU: 80910
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  4. Premium Ultimate EMS Backpack

    SKU: 10-115-RED-PRE
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  5. Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard

    SKU: 9203-1
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  6. Card Pack Of 12 Nylon Lanyards

    SKU: 691002
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  7. Kiefer 40" YMCA Lifeguard Rescue Tube

    SKU: 620042
    Sale Price $23.00 Regular Price $36.00
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  8. Kiefer Storage Bench - 7 Foot

    SKU: 600500
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  9. Fox 40 Electronic Whistle w/ Lanyard

    SKU: 8616-1908
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  10. First Aid Response Bag-Lime Green

    SKU: 489LG
    Sale Price $39.00 Regular Price $65.00
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  11. Antiseptic Towelettes - 100 per box

    SKU: ANTI-100
    Sale Price $3.90 Regular Price $6.00
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  12. Kiefer 20" Ring Buoy

    SKU: 600020
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  13. Lifeguard First Response Bag Kit

    SKU: 486TKIT
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  14. YMCA Guard Custom Name Tag Break Away Lanyard

    SKU: 181SYMCAG
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  15. YMCA Custom Name Oval Tag Break Away Lanyard

    SKU: 181SYMCA
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Rescue Equipment

The right tools and equipment can help protect the lives of your patrons, lifeguards and employees. At Kiefer Aquatics, we carry a wide range of rescue equipment, lifeguard kits and more to help you keep everyone safe at your pool.

Rescue Equipment for Lifeguards at Kiefer Aquatics

Accidents occur spontaneously. When you need to take action, it's vital to be ready with the right lifesaving rescue gear and equipment. Kiefer Aquatics can help you prepare for water rescues and training with our extensive selection of rescue equipment. Our rescue equipment includes:

  • Medical supplies: Kiefer Aquatics carries first aid kits, masks, oxygen equipment and V-Vac kits to help lifeguards save lives and provide care while waiting for emergency services.
  • Floatation devices: We have many floatation devices in different styles and sizes to help you perform your job efficiently. You can choose from our lifeguard rescue tubes, cans and ring buoys to find the perfect floatation device to fit your needs.
  • Rescue boards and spinal equipment: When you suspect a serious injury, rescue boards and spinal equipment will help you immobilize the body and transfer the person to a different location. We provide spineboards, head immobilizers, body straps and more to help you take care of the injured.
  • Lifeguard kits: Ensure your lifeguards have the tools they need with lifeguard kits full of the basics. We have various lifeguard kits with water bottles, hats, visors, T-shirts and hoodies. With these kits, your lifeguards will have their whistle, lanyard, rescue tube and CPR keychain ready for use in their hip pack.
  • Emergency phones: Placing emergency phones near the pool allow lifeguards to dial 911 and get help instantly. 

Why Kiefer Aquatics for Your Rescue Equipment?

Keeping quality rescue equipment on hand is vital to saving lives and healing injuries. At Kiefer Aquatics, we strive to provide the best products to ensure lifeguards receive the proper training and carry out their duties. We offer several benefits to help you acquire the equipment and gear you need:


  • Flat rate or free shipping: We offer a low flat rate shipping price of $7.50 for all orders. If you spend over $75, you're eligible for free shipping.
  • Quick shipping: Getting your rescue equipment as soon as possible is essential. At Kiefer Aquatics, we usually ship orders the same day you place them to ensure facilities get items fast.  
  • Customer satisfaction price guarantee: We have a 10-day price guarantee when you make a purchase. If you learn the item you bought costs less at another store, you can contact us to receive a refund for the difference.
  • No hassle exchanges and returns: Kiefer Aquatics accepts returns and exchanges for non-custom items within 60 days of purchase as long as they're in a new or unused condition. We also provide free shipping for exchanges.
  • Considerate customer service: Our customer service team is ready to help, whether you have questions about products or need assistance with ordering. You can contact our team by email or phone. 

Order New Equipment Today

Let Kiefer Aquatics be your go-to source for lifeguard rescue equipment. Order your gear today to continue practicing water safety!

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