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Swimmer Stocking Stuffers

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Finding smaller products that will fit both your stocking and your swimmer’s tastes can be challenging – where do you start?

I’ve spent my entire adult life shopping for swimmers – read on to get my sure-fire stocking stuffer ideas that will ring the bell with any swimmer.

Swim Caps

Why Swim Caps Make Excellent Stocking Stuffers

  • Every Swimmer Needs Them: 
    • Caps are worn in practice and competition, and swimmers should always carry a backup in case their swim cap fails.
    • Swim caps make swimmers more hydrodynamic and can provide warmth for longer workouts.
    • Bright colored swim caps can be used for safety in open water swimming, making swimmers more noticeable to boats and other members of the swim group.
  • Sizing Is Easy: Sizing is a snap. Most swimmers need a standard swim cap. Younger, smaller swimmers may consider a youth size cap, but youngsters may appreciate a standard cap because they are much easier to put on and remove.
  • Benefits Swimmers Love:
    • Kiefer swim caps are comfortable and constructed from quality materials to resist tearing.
    • Kiefer caps are available in many colors and prints to add a dash of fun and humor to a tough workout.

Most Popular Swim Caps

  • Kiefer Silicone Swim Caps: Durable and comfortable, these caps make any pool session pleasure. Silicone swim caps also reduce pulling on your hair, helping you avoid discomfort.
  • Kiefer Lyrca Swim Caps:  Comfortable, loose-fitting swim caps gather hair comfortably, and are commonly used for water aerobics and swimmers less more concerned about comfort instead of performance.
  • Kiefer Superflex Swim Caps: These latex swim caps have the look and feel of a silicone swim cap for the price of a latex cap.
  • See Kiefer’s entire Swim Cap collection and read our swim cap selection guide for additional assistance.

Swim Goggles

Why Swim Goggles Make Excellent Stocking Stuffers

  • Every Swimmer Needs Them: Goggles offer clear vision underwater and prevent irritants from coming in contact with your eyes. All swimmers wear them.
  • Benefits Swimmers Love:
    • Anti-fog treatment treatment keeps vision clear.
    • Silicone straps and components are comfortable and durable.
    • Quick adjust straps and nosepieces offer a secure and personalized fit.
    • Optical swim goggles are available with prescription lenses,
    • Swimmers can choose from Speedo, TYR, Arena, or Kiefer brands.

Most Popular Swim Goggles

Swimmer Chamois Sport Towels

Why Sports Towels Are A Great Stocking Stuffer

  • Comfort: Swimmers are in and out of the pool multiple times during swim meets and swim workouts. Having a compact towel on hand for quick drying helps swimmers avoid chill.
  • Convenience: Sports towels are small and easily fit into a swim bag or mesh bag. Once wet, they can be easily squeezed and wrung out for another use. Most importantly, sports towels rarely need to be washed, making workout recovery and preparation a snap.

Most Popular Sports Towels

Kiefer offers two chamois sports towels, our 13″ x 17″ Kiefer Quick-Dry Chamois Sports Towel and the larger 16″ x 20″ Kiefer Microfiber Chamois Sport Towel.


Looking for a little more than a stocking stuffer? Be sure to read my advice on the best gifts for swimmers.

Thanks and happy holidays,


About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer is a lifetime fitness swimmer and endurance athlete. After becoming an Ironman in 2008, Robin continues to push the limits of marketing & parenting. He is the Vice President of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at Kiefer.

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