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Best Gifts For Swimmers

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Shopping for a swimmer this holiday season or looking for ideas for swimmer gift bags? Don’t worry!

Swimmers may come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have similar needs.

Here is my first round of gift ideas that are sure to please any swimmer on your list.

Swim Backpacks

Why Swim Backpacks Are A Great Gift

  • Every Swimmer Needs Them: Every swimmer brings gear to the pool. Kickboards, swim fins, goggles, towels, and warm clothes take up lots of space. Having a proper swim bag helps swimmers transport gear from home to the pool deck – and will help prevent swimmers from forgetting/losing their swim equipment.
  • Sizing Is Easy: Swim bag sizing is simple. Most swimmers need a standard swim gear bag. Younger, smaller swimmers may consider a medium or small bag, but if in doubt – go big! An oversized bag holds everything.
  • Benefits Swimmers Love: Multiple storage pockets provide quick access and easy organization to swim gear and clothes. A wet pocket keeps separates wet apparel and gear from clothes and electronics, making post swim recovery quick and easy. Comfortable shoulder straps are an added benefit – swimmers will definitely appreciate them after a tough swim workout.

Most Popular Swim Backpacks

  • Kiefer Team Backpack: Our Kiefer backpack has all the features and durability of the other brands, but at a fraction of the price. At only $24.95, it’s a steal. Grab one here.
  • Speedo Pro Backpack: This bag is also a very popular with swimmers. Grab one here.
  • See Kiefer’s entire Swim Bag collection here.

Practice Swimsuits

Practice swimwear, often called grab bag swimwear, is first quality swimwear offered in a into a grab bag when certain prints, styles, and colors are retired from swimwear lines.

Why Practice Swimsuits or Grab Bag Suits Are A Great Gift

  • Every Swimmer Needs Them: Swimwear is expensive. Experienced swimmers reduce the frequency of replacing more expensive team suits and championship suits by wearing less expensive practice suits for workouts. Having a backup swimsuit (or two) in your swim bag is especially handy if a suit is forgotten or develops a rip.
  • Benefits Swimmers Love:
    • Grab bags are first quality swimsuits suitable for any level of competition or exercise.
    • High quality stitching and fabrics are identical to team swimwear, making top quality more affordable.
    • Swimmers can choose from Speedo, TYR, Nike, or Kiefer brands (tip: Ask your swimmer about their favorite brand – it’s likely that they’re accustomed to the cut and fit).
    • Random colors and prints from grab bag swimwear help prevent monotony in the pool.

Most Popular Practice Suits

Technical Swimsuits

Technical suits are made from advanced fabrics, engineered for high compression and low drag. These suits are less durable and are not worn for practice – use them for championship meets where every hundredth of a second is crucial.

Why Tech Suits Are A Great Gift

  • It’s A Strong Statement: Tech suits are expensive. Gifting a tech suit is very generous and can also show that you’re invested in the pursuit of your swimmer’s competitive excellence. You can absolutely be an excellent swimmer without a tech suit, but if the competition is wearing one, the competitive edge could shift in favor of superior swimsuit technology.
  • Benefits Swimmers Will Love: Tech suits give swimmers a technological advantage – or level the playing field if the competition is wearing a tech suit.

Most Popular Tech Suits

  • Speedo LZR Elite Female Kneeskin: Speedo’s Pulse fabric is highly compressive, lightweight, and water repellent. The kneeskin cut offers the maximum allowable legal coverage. At $395, it’s not for everyone, but it’s $200 less than Speedo’s FS3.
  • Speedo LZR Elite Jammer: Speedo’s Pulse fabric is highly compressive, lightweight, and water repellent. At $285, it’s $110 less than Speedo’s FS3 Jammer.
  • See Kiefer’s entire offering of tech suits here.

Looking For More Swimming Gift Ideas?

This guide offers only a few of the many great swimmer gift ideas you’ll find on

Be sure to read my recommendations for stocking stuffers that swimmers will love.

Thanks and happy holidays,


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