Swim Gear Guide: Five Things All Swimmers Should Be Using In Their Training

1. Fins

Not only do fins aid in strengthening your legs and your heart but they are a prime example of a helpful piece of equipment. Helpful? How? Fins increase your speed, and will propel you through the water. It feels great to move fast doesn’t it? All those feel good vibes of ‘I’m going fast!’ are great for your body mentally and physically. Fins are awesome for new swimmers because of how much positive reinforcement they are able to give. A simple formula of kick = moving forward. Talk about a win win.

2. Snorkel

Another piece of equipment that can be a helper as well as a trainer is the snorkel. For experienced swimmers snorkel s will help train and strengthen your lungs as well as aid in proper head position. New swimmers can benefit from the snorkel as well by allowing them to get comfortable with their stroke, learn proper technique and not stress over when to fit in that pesky breath.

Snorkels are multi-use. You can use them for just kicking, with or without a board. The ability to look down when you are kicking relieves pressure on your neck and shoulders with the added benefit of still having to work harder to get air.

3. Paddles

For experienced swimmers looking to increase their workload paddles are the perfect solution. They come in a variety of sizes that offer varying degrees of resistance to help swimmers get stronger. Paddles are my favorite piece of equipment and if I could only pick one thing to use day in and day out I would hands down pick my paddles.

4. MP3

Did you know music is a proven to boost workouts? Setting your pace to a fast tune will help you keep going and it is an excellent distraction. A distraction? From what? Pain or discomfort. If we are working hard the positive vibes music creates in our brains distracts us from how hard we are working often letting us push ourselves longer or harder than we would without the music.

5. Goggles

No brainer this one. Wear goggles please. Don’t subject your eyes to the harshness of chlorine day after day. Plus I personally guarantee your turns will get faster.

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About Emily Milak

Emily Milak is a lifetime competitive swimmer living in Southeastern Wisconsin. Emily is a US National Team champion, NCAA champion, and USMS champion with extensive coaching experience. She is a product development consultant at Kiefer.

10 Comments on “Swim Gear Guide: Five Things All Swimmers Should Be Using In Their Training”

  1. I just wanted to comment on the use of snorkels… I have cervical disc issues , and have been instructed to use a snorkel for EVERY swim in order to save my neck!! This advice comes from a well respected Spine Physical Therapist…
    In regards to Dead Space , sure they might add 150 cc of dead space , BUT breathing is much easier , body position is MUCH easier , and there is NO air hunger that those of us who didn’t grow up swimming suffer from…

  2. I really love my silicone gloves that I got from Kiefer,they helped me with strengthening my shoulder after surgery. The aquatic dumbells helped too!
    Thank you Kiefer!

  3. Another aspect of the usefulness of paddles is enhancement of the swimmer’s feel of/for the water by providing a range of sensations different from when using bare hands.

  4. As a long-time user of Kiefer products, I have enjoyed your on line comments. Now, my 11 year old grand-daughter is developing as a competitive swimmer, and I share much of your wisdom with her. Thanks for your insights.

  5. I don’t agree about snorkels. They increase the dead space (air breathed out and oxygen used up, but inhaled again). This creates a greater workload and reduces oxygenation. It will NOT strengthen your lungs. They are only for beginners and snorkelers (duh!).

    • While I don’t have the credentials to debate you on whether or not snorkels without a doubt do not strengthen the lungs it doesn’t negate their benefits. Snorkels will improve your body position and help you perfect technique. Snorkels will increase your workload, improving your aerobic capacity. So they really are for everyone, not just beginners and snorkelers. However I am curious about what you say and would be fascinated to hear more.

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