Safer Swimmer Open Water Swimming Buoy

The Kiefer Safer Swimmer Open Water Swim Buoy is a vital training and safety device for anyone who enjoys swimming in open water or triathlons.

3 Main Benefits Of Swimming With Safer Swimmer

1. Excellent Swimmer Visibility

The Dayglo Orange Safer Swimmer buoy raises your profile to others, making you more visible to boaters, jetskiers, and anyone else who could use a reminder that open water swimmers are in the surrounding waters.

2. Helpful Swimming Flotation

Safer Swimmer Handle
Safer Swimmer provides flotation as needed. This is especially handy for taking a break from a long swim, working through swim cramps, fatigue, dizziness, and any other swimming injury or malady.

Although Safer Swimmer isn’t a rescue device, it could be used to offer reassurance, or even to assist the rescue of a distressed or less-confident swimmer.

To serve as a resting aid or makeshift rescue device, the Safer Swimmer is outfitted with a blue handle to provide a secure and confident grip.

3. Dry Storage

Don’t worry about leaving your valuables and gear behind on the beach, Safer Swimmer’s dry pocket allows you to keep them safely within reach during your swim.

Why Safer Swimmer Is Great For Open Water Swimming

No more hiding your car keys and wallet!

Because Safer Swimmer has a dry pocket, you can safely take your gear with you and avoid having to worry about hiding your wallet and keys on shore while you put in a long swim.

It’s perfect for point to point swimming!

Safer Swimmer Dry Pocket StoragePoint to point swimming adds a refreshing dimension to longer swims, removing the need for the same old ‘out and back’ workout.  The ability to transport shoes during your distance swimming makes point to point swim training less painful, since you can keep a dry pair of shoes in your Safer Swimmer for a pleasurable return run (or walk) to your starting point. No more barefoot walk of shame!

Packing shoes is particularly handy for me during 70.3 Ironman training, since my neighboring Silver Lake in Wisconsin is almost exactly 1.2 miles across. After my one way swim, I bust out my shoes, deflate and roll up my Safer Swimmer for easy carrying, and run back to my car in comfort and style (running in a jammer isn’t so bad).

Safer Swimmer is great for group swims.

Safer Swimmer Buoy BeltGroup swimming is a great way to add more fun to open water swim training.

Safer Swimmer allows coaches or swim leaders to pack things that swimmers and triathletes may lose or need during a swim (extra goggles, extra swim cap, Gu or other nutritionals, and hydration).

Because Safer Swimmer is so easy to see, it’s a great way to keep visual tabs on swimmers within your group, especially during wavy conditions.

How Does Safer Swimmer Look / Work In The Water?

It looks great and is extremely high- visibility. It’s buoyancy and lightweight body make appear to make it float on the surface of the water.

Check out this Safer Swimmer Video I made (please pardon the shaky-cam).

Frequently Asked Questions For Skeptics

I understand skepticism. Why do you want to complicate your life with another worldly device? Trust me, if you’re swimming in open water, for any reason, you need Safer Swimmer.

Is Safer Swimmer cumbersome or annoying to use?

No, it isn’t. Stacey Kiefer and I have tested Safer Swimmer and continue to use it for open water and triathlon swim training. The Safer Swimmer belt attaches quickly and easily around a swimmer’s waist, allowing one to effortlessly tow a lightweight, yet resilient swim buoy behind them during training.

Won’t Safer Swimmer interfere with my stroke or kicking?

Absolutely not. The buoy leash length can be tailored to precisely place Safer Swimmer between your butt and your feet, allowing you to kick without contacting the buoy.

I’m a Triathlete; why do I need “open water” swim gear?

Safer Swimmer At School House BeachUnless you rock indoor triathlons exclusively (hopefully not), training for the swim leg of a triathlon is open water swimming! Also, you can float your precious waterproof Garmin on Safer Swimmer and be far more likely to take accurate GPS readings! Looking for more advice to help your open water swimming and triathlon training?

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Let me know how your training goes- and about any tips and tricks that work for you.

See you at the pool (and lake, ocean, river, puddle),

-Robin Spencer Kiefer

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