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Swim teams or aquatics directors ordering racing lanes for the first time may find the process to be challenging. Without learning the basics, you may end up ordering lane lines that do not meet the needs or aquatic center or pool patrons. Read on to get the facts on ordering racing lanes and find the perfect match for your aquatics program.

Choosing Racing Lane Length

Despite what you’d think, choosing the length of a racing lane is a very popular discussion between Kiefer Customer Service and our customers.

How do I determine what length racing lane to order for my pool?

Here’s how: The correct length of your racing lane is equivalent  to the distance between the end walls of your pool, also known as the course length.

Should I order a longer lane line if my wall anchors hidden inside a recessed pool gutter?

No! Do not order longer racing lanes to accommodate recessed wall anchors. Your racing lane end fittings (the tension reel and spring) should be easily accessible. Hiding them inside your pool gutter is a hassle and complicates simple maintenance (like tightening, loosening, or removing your lane lines). Instead, order extension hooks to bridge the distance between your pool end walls and the recessed wall anchors.

Do I need to modify a stock racing lane if I have an odd pool length?

No! Do not modify stock racing lanes. This is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Instead, order custom length lane lines so Kiefer can ship you the perfect length lane for your irregular pool length!

What’s the difference between a 25 yard pool and a 25 meter pool?

Actually, about 8.02 feet. A 25 yard pool is 75 feet and a 25 meter pool is 82.02 inches. 25 yard pools are more common, but never assume the length of your pool. Consult with your pool builder or measure the distance yourself.


What is the difference between Kiefer’s racing lane float styles?

Advantage I & II

Both float styles have 6 fins.

  • Advantage I: our “Budget” float, is a 4” float that is 2.63” long and will block up to 59% of wave energy.
  • Advantage II: our “Good” float is a 6” float that is 3.63” long and will block up to 69% percent of wave energy.

Wave Eater I & II

Both float styles are 5.63 inches long and have 8 fins, giving them increased wave quelling performance over the Advantage style float.

  • Wave Eater I: our “Better float”, which is 5.63” long and has a 5” diameter, this float will block up to 73% of wave energy.
  • Wave Eater II: the “Best” float, which is 5.63” long with a 6” diameter and will block up to 76% of wave energy.

How do I decide what racing lane float style to order?

It all depends on the needs and goals of your aquatics program.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Lane Line Order?

Once a racing lane order is placed, it takes 6-12 business days to receive your order.

Racing Lane Markings & Colors

What are resurfacing markers (15 meter markers) and why do I need them?

Resurfacing markers are a single float positioned 15 meters from the end of each end wall. Swimmers are required to resurface before the 15 meter distance to avoid disqualification.

Even if you aren’t running swim meets at your pool, you should make sure to order resurfacing markers for your lane line; any swimmer training at your facility will expect this marker.

What color resurfacing markers should I choose for my lanes?

Kiefer recommends a contrasting color float to meet competitive swimming rules and clearly identify the resurfacing point to swimmers.

Is there a charge for order multiple colors on your racing lanes?

No! Whether you order 1 color or 100, the price remains the same.

Is there a standard lane line color?

No! Although royal ends (5 meter or 5 yard) with a royal and white body and red resurfacing markers is the most popular racing lane layout, there are not standard colors for lane lines. Frequently, lane line colors will be team colors or whatever matches the pool’s decor .

Do the alternatinIg colors in the body of the lane alternate float by float?

It’s up to you. We can do alternating every float or approximately every foot two feet etc…  Just a matter of opinion if you like larger or smaller blocks of color.

Do lane lines arrive pre-assembled?

Yes! Lane lines arrive fully assembled, with everything you need to quick and easy installation.

Will they call me to schedule shipping:

Yes! The shipping service will call to coordinate with your arrival at the the pool. Warning: do not ship lanes to a residence; homes are not equipped to handle deliveries of these sizes. 

Thanks for reading- I hope this has been helpful.

In our next racing lane post, we’ll touch on racing lane hardware and disconnects.

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    • Holy cats; that does sound criminal. It’s been a long time since I quoted freight for lanes, but I don’t remember shipping being so costly. Please email me ( [email protected] ) your quote (or float style, lane length, quantity and shipping address) and I’ll double check with customer service.

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