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The Hidden Benefits of Swimming with Swim Fins ›

Gear. The essential additive to all things sport, swimming included of course!
Fins come in all shapes and sizes. There are sport-specific as well as leisure time fins. So, if you are doing laps in a pool the first thing you need to do is avoid scuba fins…that is unless you are … Read More ›

Safer Swimmer Open Water Swimming Buoy ›

Looking for safer, more enjoyable swimming in open water? Check out Robin Kiefer’s review of the Safer Swimmer Open Water Swim Buoy.

Swimming Mantra ›

Mentally conditioning yourself to react to a word can infinitely improve your performance in the swimming pool, and sports performance in general.

Lifeguard Whistle Selection ›

Looking for lifeguard whistles? Get advice and interesting facts about how to select the perfect whistle.

Swim Goggle Anti-Fog ›

Swimmers, tired of foggy swim goggles? Get advice on preventing goggle fogging- and learn to make your own swim goggle anti-fog.