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TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddle

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TYR Sport
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Engineered for training at every level, the TYR Catalyst® Stroke Training Paddles follow the form of an athlete's palm to provide a natural swim experience when training. Designed to build strength and improve technique, the clear surface of every LCATSTK paddle helps athletes maintain proper hand positioning. Showcasing a durable, K-Resin® construction, silicone tubing and multiple gridded lacing options, LCATSTK paddles offer the perfect balance between impact resistance, flexibility and fit.

Perfect Your Swim With the TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddle
The TYR Training Paddles can give you the perfect stroke technique. Hand positioning takes practice, and with the TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddles, you can perfect yours in no time. Training paddles are made for everyone from entry-level swimmers to advanced swimmers looking to brush up on the perfect hand position execution. The TYR Training Paddles will help build strength, providing resistance and putting more power into your stroke.

The silicon tubing and gridded lacing options on these paddles provide flexibility and the perfect fit to help you achieve balance in the water. Maintaining the perfect hand position can improve the efficiency of your stroke every time you swim. Swim faster and further with the help of training paddles. All American Swim offers a low price guarantee and speedy shipping, so purchase your TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddles today to learn or remember the proper swim technique and accomplish your speed and distance goals.

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