Kiefer Fish Learn To Swim Flotation Belt For Children

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Kiefer Fish Learn To Swim Flotation Belt for Children

Water wings are a great tool for keeping infants and very young children safe and happy in the water, but what about children that have outgrown the wings but aren't quite ready to swim independently? Our Learn-To-Swim Flotation Belt is the answer. Perfect for budding swimmers to gain skill and confidence in the water, this youth swimming belt is a safety device that's also fun and comfortable.


  • Swim Aid- This Flotation Belt is perfect for supporting a novice swimmer in the water. Also promotes proper swimming and water floating technique.
  • Compact- Takes up much less space than similar swim aids, such as pool noodles or floats.
  • Comfortable Fit- One size fits most design with a strap to wrap your child snug. Made from soft foam material to reduce chafing.  
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