Taylor 2005 Complete Test Kit

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K-2005 is a complete kit and includes all the tests needed to keep pool/spa water sanitary and in balance, the Complete Kit is distinguished by:

  • a comparator block with six printed-color standards for color-matching tests, namely chlorine, bromine, pH, and acid and base demand (for adjusting pH)
  • a large sample tube built into the block for performing drop tests, namely total alkalinity and calcium hardness
  • a small sample tube built into the block for performing the turbidity test used to monitor cyanuric acid
  • 14 bottles of .75 oz. liquid reagents.  Taylor's 60-page testing guide with treatment tables
  • high-range chlorine and bromine tests (.5-5 ppm and 1-10 ppm, respectively, with 10 ppm chlorine achievable by dilution of the sample water)
  • a Watergram for determining the Saturation Index, i.e., scaling or corrosive water;
  • Ta 7.5"w x 4.5"h x 3.75"d polypropylene case (with room to add up to three more reagent bottles for removing sanitizer-test interference caused by non-chlorine shock products)


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