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3-Foot Deluxe Stanchion

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Depending on the model chosen, these stanchions are either intended to be (1) linked together to form flexible and changeable line and barrier markings at amusement parks, entertainment centers, swimming pools, water features, theaters and other commercial applications where orderly line markers or barrier markings are required but where fencing is inappropriate or unsafe, or (2) used as banner stanchions for a variety of commercial, municipal and social facilities.

There are two Deluxe Stanchions available.The body of each stanchion is made of polished, 1 5/8" (1.63"(41.4mm)) Outer Diameter (O.D.), 304 stainless steel with a wall thickness of .065" (1.7mm).They are available in either 3-foot (36-inch/914.4mm) or 7-foot (84-inch/2133.6mm) lengths (excluding eyebolts).A threaded stainless steel eyebolt is affixed to the top of each stanchion.These eyebolts have an outer diameter of approximately 2" (50.8mm) and an inner diameter of approximately 1.25" (31.8mm) is a fabricated 304 stainless steel Anchor and Plug Assembly with threaded collar.This special anchor allows the stanchion to be easily screwed into the permanently installed and bonded anchor when required for use or to be removed and the flush anchor plug inserted when the stanchion is not required.

NOTE: Also Includes 1 eye-bolt, anchor and plug

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