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Member Benefits

1. Free Team Web Page

2. Easy Online Ordering

Your swim team will have its own store page on kiefer.com that contains the products that your coach or team manager has chosen.

Team members can place orders through the website anytime of the day or night and have their items shipped directly to their door.

3. Free Shipping

Kiefer is currently offering free ground shipping on orders of $64 or more.

4. Team Discounts

Your team will receive special team pricing on suits, warm ups, and swim gear listed on your team web page.

5. Everyday Discounts

Your team can shop kiefer.com anytime to receive special team pricing on most swimwear and training gear.

Getting started is easy! Have your coach or swim team manager call us at 800-469-7842.

Frequently Asked Questions

My team has ordered through Kiefer before. Does that mean that my team has an Online Team Kiefer Membership?

Not necessarily. If your coach or team manager gave you a "Swim Team Code", then your team is enrolled. If not, it is very easy for your team to join. Simply ask your coach to give us a call at 800-469-7842.

Our coach gave us a "Swim Team Code". What do I do now?

Create an account or Log in to an existing account and enter your "Swim Team Code" in the appropriate field. After logging in, click the button that says "Continue Shopping". That will take you to your team's web page. You can also click the "My Team Kiefer" link that will appear at the top of any page on kiefer.com.

What do I need to access my swim team's web page?

You need two things—a "Swim Team Code" provided by your coach and an account on kiefer.com. To access your swim team's page, either Create an account or Log in to an existing account. Add your "Swim Team Code" to the appropriate field. Once you are logged in, click the "My Team Kiefer" at the top of any page on kiefer.com.

I am logged in. Where do I find my team's web page?

If you are logged in and have properly entered your "Swim Team Code", you will see a link at the top of every page on kiefer.com that says "My Team Kiefer". Click that link and it will take you to your team's web page.

I have created an account and entered my "Swim Team Code" but I still cannot see my team's web page. What is wrong?

Check to make sure that your "Swim Team Code" is entered correctly. It is case sensitive and needs to be entered exactly as assigned.