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Suitmate Swimsuit Dryer

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Don’t Let Dampness Bring You Down

Do you own or run a hotel, resort, beach bathhouse, community pool or waterpark? Are you tired of the damage constantly being caused to your locker rooms by damp or wet swimsuits? Do you want to stop replacing your lockers and flooring every few years due to mildew and mold? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to invest in a stainless steel swimsuit dryer — or two, or three. These machines are small enough to be placed on a wall and kept out of the way but powerful enough to save you millions in repairs over the next few years.

How They Work

A swimsuit water extractor is a dream come true to anyone who is tired of seeing their property ruined by water damage. Operation of this machine is simple enough that any of your guests can use it. All they have to do is place their swimsuit into the dryer and press down on the lid. The swimsuit dryer will then spin the suit at a high velocity to remove 95% of the suit’s water in as few as 8 seconds. Since there are no exposed moving parts and the machine doesn’t work until pressure is applied to a closed lid, it is a safe option for any location, including schools. Once the suits are dried within the swimsuit water extractor, they are less likely to cause carpet, floor and locker damage, emit odors or produce mildew, mold or stains throughout your property.

Order Now

Reduce your maintenance cost by reducing the amount and speed at which your lockers accumulate rust and delamination by investing in a few swimsuit dryers today. Stop paying to replace damages and instead solve the problem at the source. At only 15” long by 15” wide and 23” deep, this dryer is both powerful and economical. Order yours today and take advantage of all of the benefits it can offer your resort, hotel, pool house, beach bathhouse or school locker rooms before it’s too late.
Available in 115V/60Hz Unit
Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 23". Weight: 65lbs
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