The blocks are now installed and they look great here at Quincy! We have gotten so many compliments on them and the team is eager to compete and race within the next month diving off our new competitive platforms.

- Coach Rachel
Quincy University

Washington State University

Block Type: Kiefer Custom Starting Block

The customer approached us about creating a closed structure solution for new starting blocks. They were initially interested in purchasing Freestyle Starting Blocks, but had a unique Deck Obstruction that would have prevented traditional Freestyle Anchor points from being used. We ended up creating a Pedestal that reached farther forward, creating more anchor locations towards the front of the block. The result was a completely unique modern design that was custom for their pool.

The Kiefer Blocks we have look great. The functionality of the block and the durability have proven to be a very good investment.

- Tom Jager 
Head Coach, Washington State University

Arizona State University Starting Blocks

Block Type: Kiefer Freestyle Starting Block

This customer approached us to retrofit their existing pool with brand new closed structure blocks. The delivery of the blocks was a featured element in the Facilities renovation and the Renaissance of the Arizona State Swim Program. Shortly after these blocks were built and installed, they were used by Olympic swimmers and coaches.

Piscina Olimpica de Trujillo

Block Type: Kiefer Freestyle Starting Block

This customer approached us to build custom Freestyle Starting Blocks for their existing Pool. The unique requirement for this job was that the Block Pedestal Structure needed to be a “Close Reach” style to match their existing anchors. The back of the starting block hangs cantilevered with most of the structure leaning towards the front of the block.

University of Iowa

Block Type: Kiefer Elite Starting Block

This is a legacy customer who approached Kiefer to retrofit their existing Kiefer Elite Starting Blocks to incorporate a new Top with conjunction with Foot Chocks and Grab Rails. The Grab Rails were customized to have the Iowa Hawkeye Logo cutout from the surface. The customer was very hands on about the design of the blocks. They had very specific requirments in regard to their custom backstroke bars and Grab Rails. We listened to their input and feel we gave them exactly what they wanted. These Blocks were used in the 2015 Big 10 Championships and 2015 NCAA Championships.

"They are in, and don't they look beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!! We are hosting our first ever meet this weekend, and our new blocks will certainly be the star of the show."

- Kent Menzel
DePauw University

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Portland Aquatic Club

Block Type: Kiefer Custom Starting Blocks

The customer had a long reach zero entry gutter with some existing anchors they wanted to incorporate. We engineered a solution that used their existing anchors in conjunction with some new Kiefer Anchors they were able to integrate.


Block Type: Kiefer Custom Starting Block

The Blocks at IUPUI are a highly custom engineered solution to a great number of obstacles. IUPUI was a legacy Kiefer customer who wanted to replace their custom Kiefer Blocks from the 1990s. The blocks we created had to be usable on both their Pool Deck (using their existing anchors) and on their brand new Bulkhead. The blocks also needed to be able to use both The Kiefer HT Top in addition to the Omega OSB-12 top. These block were used in the 2015 Duel in the Pool, and will be used in the 2017 NCAA championships.

University of Nebraska

Block Type: Kiefer Freestyle Starting Block

Customer needed to reuse existing anchors, which required us to create a “Long Reach” Freestyle. As a result of the “Long Reach” requirement, we made the base quite a bit wider than normal. In addition to the customers existing anchors, we asked them to add 1 additional Grout In Anchor to help structure the unit. The customer has a very specific brand in terms of color and logo, and worked with us in creating artwork for the Block Top and Foot Chock.

Nashville Aquatics Club

Block Type: Kiefer Freestyle Starting Block

This customer approached us to produce a version of the Brand New (as of 2014) Kiefer Freestyle Blocks for their pool. These blocks needed to integrate with their existing anchors on their Pool Deck and their brand new Bulkhead. As a result, we crafted a custom version of the Freestyle Starting Block to meet these unique requirements.

Custom Designed Starting Blocks To MeEt Your Specs and Styles

We really hope that you enjoyed this quick glance into the starting blocks made here at Kiefer. It was very tough to choose the products to showcase as there have been so many great customers and designs. We cannot take all of the credit for these designs as they are the result of listening to our customers’ needs and applying our aquatics design expertise. When the time is right, we look forward to going through the process to create the best starting block for your facility.

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