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Use the Solid Seal Rite Belt Pack to store your Seal Rite separately from your other lifeguard essentials. A dual zipper pocket allows storage of your complete Seal Rite mask inside the pouch, or in a rescue-ready position with valve exposed. Simply slip the belt loop onto an existing Lifeguard Fanny Pack or belt. This pouch also features drainage at the bottom, allows additional air flow; and if submerged, allows reduced weight and drying time.

  • Made to fit SKU 121: Seal Rite Mask. Also fits most other pocket masks and CPR masks
  • Dimensions: 6” W x 5” H x 2”D. Pouch to hold Seal Rite or other pocket mask
  • Provides quick, convenient access in an emergency situation
  • Belt loop on back 2.5” high.  Color: Red
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