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Rock Solid Platform Anchor

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The high-performance RockSolid anchor features an innovative bronze wedge assembly that expands and exerts continuous, even pressure on the platform post - eliminating "wobble"! You can easily tighten the anchor prior to a race to prevent the platform from rocking, or loosen the anchor to remove the platform for storage! Use the included anchor cap to give the deck a flushed look when the starting platform is removed. The RockSolid anchor is available in a single post design that accommodates 2.5" square tubing, or a dual-post design that accommodates 1.90" OD tubing.


  • Heavy duty welded 304 stainless steel construction
  • Durable polyurethane liner
  • Fully adjustable integral wedge assembly will expand and exert continuous even pressure on the platform post to prevent starting platform movement.
  • Anchor cap (used when starting platform is removed)
  • Anchor cap removal tool
  • Grounding lug
  • Single Post
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