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Safety covers are designed to be tightly stretched across your pool and fastened to the deck using brass anchors and Stainless Steel tension springs. This allows rain and melting snow through while keeping storm debris and unwanted materials out of your closed pool. These covers have reinforced webbing around the perimeter and on every seam as well as straps on both the top and the bottom for added strength. In addition, triple stitching and a cross tack and box tack at all perimeter stress points provides added durability and strength. Safety covers protect people as well as your pool and can carry the weight of animals or a person who may accidentally venture on to the cover.

Traditional covers require the use of water bags to hold them in place and a pump to remove standing water. This is not required with these covers as the water runs through them and is allowed to evaporate through the cover. All covers are designed and verified using the most sophisticated CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs and manufactured by advanced CNC cutting and shaping systems in the USA. Available in Mesh and Solid materials. The standard size covers are 5x5 mesh panels and have a 12 year limited warranty. Custom size covers with 3x3 mesh panels have a 15 year limited warranty. Solid covers have a 10 year limited warranty. Mounting hardware is included.

The covers are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your pool. They can also be custom made to fit your pool. Please contact your sales person for details on the custom made covers.

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