MultiCyclone Centrifugal Pre-Filter

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The MultiCyclone is a unique water filter that significantly reduces the need for backwashing filter systems. It’s unique cyclonic action is the key to eliminating the larger particles before they get to the filter. Incoming water enters hydro-cyclones tangentially, generating a strong centrifugal effect. The sediment is spun out to the hydro-cyclone’s wall, and then spirals down to the sediment chamber. The filtered water migrates towards the center of the hydro-cyclone where the flow reverses and spirals upwards through the outlet. Accumulation of sediment can be visibly monitored through the MultiCyclone’s clear sediment chamber. The MultiCyclone is easily cleaned by opening the valve at the bottom of the sediment chamber. Only 4 gallons of water is discharged to clean the MultiCyclone. It is easy to install using quick fit unions and fits most existing filtration systems. There are no moving parts to wear out or replace and it’s backed by Waterco’s 2 year warranty. The MultiCyclone is NSF Certified.

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