Kiefer Maui Mask PVC

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Kiefer Maui Mask PVC

Suited to both swimming pool and open water use, the Kiefer Maui Mask PVC is an excellent water swim aid for anyone who wants improved vision underwater. With a wider casing, this mask provides a more expansive field of vision compared to standard goggles, while the nose apparatus better protects you from water that might rush into your nostrils. Featuring a separate, adjustable strap that can be replaced individually, this mask can be tailored to your individual comfort needs.

Extra Strap Product Number: 810836


  • Safety - Strong polycarbonate frame and tempered glass make this piece of eyewear extremely safe.
  • Durability - PVC construction and tempered glass give the Maui Mask excellent durability. The replaceable strap means that even if it gets damaged or lost, your mask can still be used.
  • Convenience - Provides a wide range of vision while underwater. Prevents accidental water inhalation by keeping your nose protected.
  • Comfort - Wider lens means less pressure on your face compared to goggles that only cover your eye sockets. Adjustable strap with swivel side buckles for adjustable comfort.
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