Training Suits Explored and Explained Brand Edition: TYR

TYR SwimsuitsIn the past, we have published articles breaking down swim suit materials. Their benefits, life expectancies, and special features are covered here. This time we are going to take a slightly different route, and help shed some light on the different suit cuts made by each brand.

To begin, I will help you take a closer look at TYR swimsuits and what they have to offer consumers.

Women’s training suits currently come in five different styles. First the thin strap varieties Crosscutfit, Diamondfit, and Thin X-Back. Then a thicker strap variety the Maxfit or sometimes called Maxback.

TYR Swimsuits Explored and Explained

TYR’s Crosscutfit swimsuit is a minimalist suit. The thin straps cross like an ‘X’ between the shoulder blades and allow for maximum mobility boasting 360 degrees of motion. The Diamondfit is TYR’s industry standard thin strap suit. There is more support on the back because the thin straps are anchored to the main body of the suit and do not move about independently. The Thin X back is the middle ground between the previous pair. The straps are thin, but are anchored to a horizontal strap keeping them fixed in place.

TYR’s Maxfit swimsuit offers more support and coverage via thicker straps and back. Everything is connected to the main body of the suit, the straps do not move independently as the Crosscutfit straps do. You will see these being frequently used by teams as they are most sold in team splice packages and generally tend to be a favorite of younger swimmers. It features a moderate neckline and leg cut as well as a keyhole back.

Men’s suits are available in two generic varieties, and preferences usually determine what works best for each individual swimmer.

  1. Briefs are the swimmer’s basic staple. They offer the least amount of drag and the largest range of motion. They lack coverage which is where personal preference comes into play.
  2. Jammers are similar to running or biking shorts. They fall to just above the knee and fit tightly to reduce drag.
  3. A TYR square leg suit, while not as common, is a nice in-between to fall back on if the previous two don’t suit your fancy!
  4. TYR also offers drag suits. Drag suits are exactly as they sound. Made of a polyester mesh they create drag and thus a harder workout. They can be worn over existing suits.

Material lingo changes from company to company. TYR’s longest lasting suit material is coined Durafast, and I can personally attest to its longevity. If you spend as much time in the pool as I do, you want a suit that will keep up with the harsh chemicals.

TYR offers both Lycra suits and the stronger variety called Xtra Life Lycra; both are fairly consistent and very common across all suit manufacturers. Finally TYR does offer Nylon, no fancy name, just an old comfortable favorite. These three types of suits do not have the same durability Polyester blends offer, but Xtra Life Lycra will outlive both Lycra and Nylon suits.

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