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Time Is The Greatest Investment

Time Is The Greatest Investment
Time Is the Greatest InvestmentPassion. You can be passionate about a great many things. Passion can lead to joy but passion oftentimes means emotional highs and lows. Having children involved in sports will evoke many passions within you. Passion watching them find their own, watching them succeed and watching them fail. Strong emotions fuel passion. It is almost effortless to get worked up over the money and time we as parents spend for these experiences. But I ask you, what are you really buying? Is it worth the cost? YES. A million times yes. By putting gas in the car to drive to meets and practices you have time with your children to bond. You are creating a deeper love and appreciation for each other. You’ve bought and paid for time and experience. The hotel you charged to attend an away meet is an investment not only in your child but in your relationship with them. It’s easy to get caught up in gadgets, toys, and clothes. It’s equally easy to get caught up in bills and life expenses. Remember there is very little money better spent than on time and experiences. Don’t throw your budget out the window, but take a look at where your money goes. Instead of loathing the commute to and from practice talk to your kids. Make it a device free time. We are so busy being busy, simple conversation has slipped away. Talk about school, talk about swimming, talk about what movie they want to go see, or a fun family activity you could do together the next time there isn’t a swim meet. Don’t get down on yourself looking ahead to a three day swim meet. Remind yourself what you gain and what your children gain. Swim meets, while admittedly long and slow, are a chance to build character too. Learning sportsmanship and making new friends cannot be bought in a store. There are some things worth spending money on. Sport and all that comes in tow is one of those things.
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