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Kiefer Krazies Product Review

Kiefer Krazies Product Review

Kiefer Krazies Swimwear History

Have you checked out Kiefer Krazies lately? In 2007, we introduced the first Krazy, offering swimmers a fun patterned suit at an unusually low price. The response from customers was excellent, and we quickly sold through this limited edition swimsuit.

Today we introduce new limited edition patterns throughout the year – the perfect option for women and girls that need a fun suit designed to perform for both competitive swimmers and fitness swimmers.

Kiefer Swimsuit Design & Material

Feline Frenzy
Feline Frenzy

All Krazies offer a flattering, contemporary cut and back style that complement all body types – these suits don’t exclude anyone! Our popular thin strap Flyback offers a minimalist look, but is highly supportive and comfortable – perfect for pool workouts or just splashing around.

Stretchy Nylon/Spandex material and higher leg cut allow promote full flexibility and freedom of movement to accommodate any swim stroke or training drill.

All Kiefer Nylon/Spandex suits are chlorine-resistant to provide lasting service to swimmers, swim instructors, and aquatic exercisers.

Krazies are lined for extra coverage and comfort too!

Why do we line swimwear? Suit liners provide an additional barrier for extra security so the world notices your excellent taste in swimwear prints – not the physical details that you’d like to keep hidden.

What Kinds of Swimmers wear Kiefer Krazies?

Tahitian Tropic
Tahitian Tropic

Krazies are great for swim teams, lap swimmers, fitness swimmers, or a day by the lake. Fashion forward females of all ages will surely love the variety of fun patterns, tonal straps, and bright colors.

Are Krazies A Great Gift For Swimmers? Yes of course! Krazies are a sure bet to refresh a dull closet of solid color swimwear.

They may even make early morning swim practices easier!

Why? Just one look at the colors and your eyes are bound to pop open! Neon colors and crazy prints are popular all across the fashion industry and Kiefer is excited to bring them to the pool.

The Current Flavors

Right now we are offering trendy neon colors and popular patterns; check out our Tahitian Tropic for neon brights or Fireworks for some bold pop! For a subtle look, check out the soothing blues in our Watercolor or the classic look of our Nautical print.

Catch new suits in October, January, April, and July!

With each release, Kiefer offers a variety of swimsuit colors and patterns in limited runs. These are limited edition prints, and once they’re gone, they are history! But don’t worry, Kiefer Krazies are refreshed quarterly with 5 new suits.

If I Told You, I’d Have To…

A benefit of testing and developing products for Kiefer is having advance access to upcoming Krazies releases.

Recently I was stopped during a swim by another pool member. She had to know where I had gotten my stunning neon rainbow patterned suit- but I couldn’t give away more details since this particular suit pattern had not yet been released!

Fortunately, this attention-getting suit is showcased on the front cover of Kiefer’s October swimwear catalog – check out Feline Frenzy, a white suit with neon rainbow animal print.

Summarizing My Krazies Swimwear Review


Take a step back from the ordinary world of pastels and stripped straps, steal the show at the pool, and save save some money!

Kiefer Krazies offer better value and variety than other swimwear brands.

See you at the pool!

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