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Robin Kiefer puts Kiefer’s Visionspex swim goggles through an open water test and shares his review.

Swim Goggle Review – Kiefer Visionspex

Swim Goggle Review – Kiefer Visionspex

A Creature Of Habit

Believe me, I’m like most lifetime swimmers. I’m a creature of habit, and making a change to my swim workout, my kickboard, or even my anti-chlorine shampoo is very unlikely. Change my goggles? Only if I’ve lost them and they’re no longer being made by the manufacturer. But I’ll make one exception to my goggle and swim gear rule.

From Pool To Pond

Many competitive swimmers and triathletes transition from the pool to open water without changing up their choice of swim goggles. But I’d recommend experimenting. Swimmers that plan to race and train longer distances in open water should consider a change, ditching their regular goggles for a pair better suited for open water.

Some prefer swim masks in open water, like the Kiefer Triton Swim Mask or Aqua Sphere Seal Swim Mask Clear Lens. Swim Masks have larger frames than your typical goggle, allowing a larger sealing area and increased field of vision, but tend to be heavier and less hydrodynamic. For those who still prefer swim goggles, Kiefer has the perfect solution, the Kiefer Visionspex Polarized Swim Goggle.

Kiefer Visionspex Polarized Swim Goggle

The Kiefer Visionspex goggle is larger framed than typical goggle, providing a very accommodating fit to the adult eye socket. A flexible goggle frame molds easily and comfortably to the face. Ample silicone gaskets do not crowd eyes, and require little strap pressure to secure a watertight seal. Even with an overtightened strap, these gaskets remain comfortably and do not bear done on the eyes.

The Visionspex strap is made from a nicely finished silicone and is split into two as the strap approaches the back of the head, allowing for a tailored and secure fit to satisfy the unique physically geometry of any user. The quick adjust system is located at both points where the strap enters the frame, and requires little time and effort for easy and precise adjustment.

During my open water swim in Lake Andrea yesterday, I made mental notes of why this goggle is my constant

A great swimming goggle!

companion during my open water training. Besides the comfort of the goggle, it’s still fast in the water (no bulky clunked here). But that’s not the even the best part about these swimming goggles.

I think the most outstanding advantages of the Visionspex Polarized are the lenses. They provide wide viewing angles, allowing great views of competitors and surrounding life aquatic. Lenses are also treated with anti-fog to provide a clear path – so there’s no need to stop, flood, and drain to maintain clear vision. But the best lens feature is the polarization (and anyone who’s had their course sighting flooded out by unwanted sun reflection – take note!). Even in sunny conditions, the polarization helps tame the glare of the sun, allowing you to better differentiate waves, swimmers, boats, and shore landmarks.

Summing It Up

In short, Visionspex are a great choice for training and racing, and a natural for open water. Offering ultimate comfort and enhanced visibility, they’re worth adding to your swim bag.

Please check ’em out and let me know what you think.

Now get out there and grab some water!


Robin Spencer Kiefer

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