Swim Goggles Review – Kiefer Mach 5

Racing Swim Goggles Review – Kiefer Mach 5

Amazingly, swim goggles didn’t make their debut in the Olympics until 1976. Nearly 38 years later, Kiefer offers racing goggles by Speedo, TYR, Arena, blueseventy, and Kiefer.

Inspired By Olympic Level Competition

Kiefer introduced the Mach 5 Swim Goggles in spring 2008, inspired by the Omaha Olympic Trials and Beijing Olympics. The Mach 5 is designed for racing, but its comfortable, reliable fit makes it a great choice for swim practice and lap swimming as well.

Comparing Other Swim Goggle Brands

When considering the Mach 5, Kiefer customers always ask for a comparison to Speedo & TYR goggles. This is a fair question, because swim goggle selection is a crucial and intimate decision that can make or break a successful race or workout. Mach 5 is most similar to Speedo Vanquisher and TYR Velocity swim goggles, offering close-fitting, low profile lenses, silicone gaskets, and high-quality components.

Mach 5 Swim Components

Kiefer Mach 5 Goggle LensGoggle Lenses

Mach 5 lenses have a light smoke tint, cutting down on eyestrain by reducing the level of ambient light that reaches the eyes. The tinted smoke lens tint also makes the Mach 5 perfect for brighter water found in outdoor pools and aquatic centers.

Mach 5 lenses anchor the goggle strap with two molded strap stays that channel water around the lenses and off to the side of the head, allowing them to cut through the water without fighting the extra drag caused by less sophisticated lens designs.

Lenses are pre-treated with an anti-fog coating so you’re ready to go out of the box, without the annoyance of fogged vision and additional goggle maintenance.

Lens Gaskets

Mach 5 lenses comfortably prevent water from entering goggles by using gasket style seals. The slight, helpful suction created by gasket seals stops incidental leaks that would otherwise be caused by subtle shifting that occurs during swim starts, flip, turns, intense swimming, and workouts with longer duration workouts.

Sporty, silver gaskets are made from a 100% high-quality LSR (liquid silicone rubber), to prevent allergic reactions and provide added resistance to extreme temperatures that can warp goggle gaskets made from inferior materials.

Why are lenses and gaskets so important? Because increased comfort and better visibility means that you’ll have more time to boost your fitness and swim technique, instead of draining and adjusting your swimming goggles.

Kiefer Mach 5 Goggle StrapsGoggle Straps

The Mach 5 comes equipped with a double head strap, allowing unlimited strap positioning options for a personal, customized fit that keeps goggle lenses comfortably in place.

Like the lenses, the strap is also made from 100% liquid silicone rubber, offering superior durability and longevity. Both sides of the goggle straps feature a strap coupler, joining the straps together to resisting tangling and normalize strap pull for consistent pressure along the full length of the gasket seal.

A simple black strap clip allows quick hassle free adjustments, easily locking the perfect fit in place.

Goggle Nose Pieces

The last piece of the perfect fit of the Mach 5 is the nosepiece. Mach 5 includes 3 interchangeable nosepieces, allowing swimmers to find the perfect fit to accommodate all nose profiles and eye spacing.

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