Kiefer Swim Sweepstakes

Kiefer’s Swim Sweepstakes Is On!

Swimmer’s, this will not be a long post – here’s the deal.

Kiefer has launched its first sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes ends November 20th – and I can’t wait for you to enter.


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Grand Prize: One lucky swimmer will win their choice of $1,000 worth of Swim Gear offered by Kiefer.

1st Prize: Three lucky swimmers will each win their choice of $500 worth of Swim Gear offered by Kiefer.

How To Improve Your Odds Of Winning

Entrants to Kiefer’s Swim Sweepstakes can increase their odds of winning by adding additional chances to win.

Adding additional chances to win can be added using two methods:

  • Entering Daily: Every time a user enters, they receive an additional chance to win.
  • Sharing an entry link on their Facebook walls: Entrants can post a link to their Facebook wall after they’ve completed their entry form. If another user follows that link and completes an entry, the original entrant receives an additional chance to win. Swimmers are popular by nature – so this can be an advantage.

Good For Swim Teams?

Kiefer’s Swim Sweepstakes might be a great opportunity for swim teams or aquatics programs. $1,000 worth of swim gear credit could be applied to a large purchase – racing lanes perhaps? And a team or pool might be able to get supporting entrants from their swimmers or team members.

Good Luck, Swimmers!

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Kiefer is the Grandson of Adolph Kiefer, the Founder of Kiefer Swim Products. Today Kiefer Swim Products is a multifaceted company focused on serving the aquatic industry, lifeguards, and swimmers.

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