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Lap Swimming Gear

After releasing Kiefer’s Lap Swimming Etiquette guide, I’ve received many questions about what swim gear I’d recommend for getting started with fitness swimming. I’ve offered advice on choosing the right swimsuit and swim cap previously, so begin diving into the different tools that make swimming more enjoyable, productive, and effective.

3 Essential Swimming Accessories:

Swim Backpacks

Swim backpacks are comfortable, high-capacity bags made from durable, tear-resistant materials. Multiple pockets organize swim gear, street clothes, and valuables to help belongings make it to the pool and back again.

Why You Need One

  • You’ll look cooler: Walking onto a swim deck with arms full of falling gear provides comic relief, but it’s a frustrating start to your swim workout.
  • You’ll save money: Why spend money replacing lost gear? Keep it in your backpack and rejoice.
  • You’ll save time: Multiple storage pockets help you get organized, making workout preparation and post swim recovery quick and easy.
  • You’ll be more comfortable: Nobody likes putting on wet jeans after a swim- wet pockets are a standard feature and separate soaked gear from street clothes.

Popular Swim Backpacks:

  • Kiefer Team Backpack: At a low price, Kiefer’s swim backpack has the big features of other brands, without the big price.
  • Speedo Teamster Backpack: Speedo’s most recent swimming backpack has plenty of room and plenty of colors.


A kickboard is a flotation device designed to keep you buoyant while you give your arms a break, allowing you to focus on kicking.

Why You Need One

  • You’ll swim better: Developing a stronger, more propulsive kick creates a balanced stroke for stronger, faster swimming.
  • You’ll get stronger: Kickboards develop your leg muscles as you kick and also strengthens your core, boosting your fitness and athleticism.
  • For motivation: Lap swimmers need to keep swim workouts fresh- adding a kickboard to diversify your routine adds a fresh approach to combat boredom.
  • For a chance of pace: Kickboard training allows your heart rate to fall, providing dynamic training to your bodies circulatory system.

Popular Kickboards:

  • Kiefer Water Wonder Kickboard: The king of kickboards combines classic design with unbeatable quality.
  • Kiefer Core Kickboard: The unique shape of this over-sized kickboard provides a wider grip distance to ease shoulder pressure and provides unparalleled core muscle engagement.

Swim Fins

Swim fins are designed to help fitness swimmers and competitive swimmers develop kick strength and ankle flexibility without overworking leg muscles.

Why You Need Them

  • You’ll swim faster: Fins work your leg muscles to build a more powerful kick.
  • You’ll kick better: Fins help increase ankle flexibility, causing a more propulsive and efficient kick.
  • You’ll feel faster in the water: Fins add power to your kick and propel you through the pool at greater speeds, adding a motivational thrill to your swim training.

Popular Swim Fins:

  • Kiefer Training Swim Fins: Kiefer’s most popular short blade swim fins are soft and comfortable for hours of effective kick training.
  • Finis Zoomers: Zoomers are a classic short blade fin and have been a popular choice for swimmers for decades.

Are you inspired yet?

Swimming is a wonderful exercise in its most pure form, but swimming accessories help push your swimming and fitness to next level.

See you at the pool – with your bag, kickboard, and swim fins.

P.S. What’s your favorite piece of training gear and how has it helped you?

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  1. Im am just coming back from a hip replacement. I now can swim a mile again with very little leg use. My question is what kind of fins do I want to use? short or long???>

    • Hi Julie-
      The Kiefer silicone fins (a mid length fin) is positively the way to go. They put the least amount of stress on leg and hip muscles. I also find them to have the most comfortable foot pocket of all of the fins we carry.

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