What To Look For When Choosing A One-Piece Swimsuit

Picking a one-piece swimsuit isn’’t easy, so here are some things to think about to help you in the shopping process. First, you should determine how much use this suit is going to get and in what conditions.

How To Choose A One Piece Bathing SuitWill you be wearing it at an indoor pool or outside? How many hours a week? This will help you determine what fabric is best and is as good a place to start as any.

If, for example, you will be wearing your suit in the water for 10 hours a week or less a Lycra suit should do the job.  If you are swimming outdoors or 20 hours a week or more polyester is your best bet.  The sun and chlorine affect the life of a suit.  The more you use it and the more the sun fades it, the faster it will wear out.

Let’s examine the different cuts next. The rise at your hips is generally available in three different cuts: modest, moderate, and high. Most competitive swimmers will be looking into high cut suits whereas most aqua aerobic enthusiasts prefer modest cuts. There are plenty of options in the middle for those who aren’t quite sure.

We aren’’t done with cuts yet, next we have straps. Thin or thick?  There is a healthy mix of both and the choice often just rides upon personal preference.  Thick straps tend to be more supportive but can bite into the neck of competitive swimmers because of the constant movement during training. Many younger competitive swimmers prefer thin ‘lingerie’ type straps.

Finally, we come to the back of the suit.  There are a multitude of different backs with hundreds of different names.  It generally comes down to thick cross backs and thin strap lingerie backs.  Again this has a great deal to do with personal preference.  For training competitive swimmers seem to prefer the less is better approach.  The thinner the back the less rubbing, fewer tan lines, more mobility, etc.  With thicker backs, you get more stability and a tighter fit.  Thick straps are preferable in racing situations like competition.

Last we get to colors.  This is the fun part.  You can pick between patterns, solids, splices, and more, the choices are innumerable and colorful.  Say color isn’t your thing, black is an industry standard and is most often offered in all styles and cuts.

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Emily Milak is a lifetime competitive swimmer living in Southeastern Wisconsin. Emily is a US National Team champion, NCAA champion, and USMS champion with extensive coaching experience. She is a product development consultant at Kiefer.

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