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Basic Gear For Fitness Swimming Part 2

Lap Swimming Gear Part 2

Kiefer's Basic Gear For Fitness Swimming Part 1 took the first step in solidifying basic gear to help make your swim workouts more productive and enjoyable. Now it's time to jump to the next level and discuss more advanced gear to pump the volume on your swim fitness.

Advanced & Essential Swim Training Gear:

  • Hand Paddles
  • Pull Buoys
  • Underwater MP3 Players
  • Mesh Gear Bag

Hand Paddles

Hand Paddles are devices used by swimmers during swim practice and workouts. Usually worn in pairs, the plastic hand paddle covers the swimmer's palm and is strapped to the hand with rubber tubing or straps.

Why You Need Them

  • You'll get stronger: Paddles increase your workload, every time you wear them you are building muscle strength.
  • Your strokes will become more efficient: Wearing hand paddles will help you improve your distance traveled per stroke cycle.
  • You'll add variety: Switching up your gear during workouts decreases monotony, paddles can be worn while practicing all the strokes, except butterfly.

Popular Hand Paddles:

  • Strokemakers: Starting at $14 per pair, these are your most versatile, simple paddles. They come in a variety of sizes and have adjustable rubber tubing to fit.
  • TYR Catalyst Brites: For a few dollars more, you get a very technical paddle with great fit and feel for the water.

Pull Buoys

A pull buoy is a foam float placed between the thighs, providing flotation to the lower body, allowing swimmers to discontinue kicking without loosing proper buoyancy and body position. The pull buoy also serves as a reminder to focus on upper body strength training without kicking.

Why You Need One

  • You'll improve technique: Combine a buoy with paddles and work on your rotation sans kick to core muscles as well.
  • You'll have more options: Buoys are versatile. Wear them with paddles, wear them solo and do some sculling. Move it to your ankles and challenge yourself with a freestyle pull.

Popular Buoys:

  • Kiefer Basic Buoy: It comes in three sizes and is fully adjustable. Made of sturdy foam it fits comfortably between your legs.
  • Kiefer Universal Pull Buoy: Solid soft foam in one piece with no adjustment necessary its a nice one size fits all option for beginners.

Mesh Gear Bag

A mesh gear bag is used to for wet swim gear, allowing you to keep all essentials for your swim workout close at hand, at the end of you swim lane. Mesh also allows for post-practice rinsing and appropriate ventilation, keeping things fresh and facilitating drying.

Why You Need One

  • You'll be more organized: Keep all your gear in one easy portable bag.
  • You'll save money: Its less likely you will lose equipment if you have it all stored away in a mesh bag.
  • You'll stay dry: Mesh bags help equipment dry off before throwing it back in your car. Plus with all the aeration the chance of your gear developing a musty smell is greatly decreased.

Popular Mesh Bags:

  • Speedo Deluxe Ventilator: With an assortment of pockets with mesh composition you get the best. Stay organized and keep your gear in fast drying mesh pockets.
  • Kiefer Mesh Bags: Available in multiple sizes, simplicity at its finest. One mesh pocket with a drawstring top will keep your gear ready to go.

Underwater MP3 Player

Underwater MP3 players are compact enough to ride under your swim cap or sit on your goggles strap. When coupled with underwater ear buds, you have the perfect system to add your favorite inspirational music to your swim workout.

Why You Need One

  • You'll be motivated: Listening to music is a great way to stay focused and get yourself psyched up for a good hard swim.
  • Mix it up: We all know staring at that black line gets old, make it more fun with your own personal music mix.
  • Status: You better bet other swimmers are going to want to know about your new toy. Make some friends, socialize and share!

Popular MP3 Players:

  • Finis Neptune: Works through bone conduction in your cheeks. Feel the vibrations and hear the sound without having to deal with finicky ear buds.
  • Waterproof your iPod Shuffle: Its quick, easy and simple. You can send in a Shuffle you already own or order one with the coating already applied. Get some waterproof ear buds and boom, you're ready to rock your workout.

Are you inspired yet?

Swimming alone is wonderful exercise, but swimming accessories help push your swimming and fitness to next level.

Are you inspired yet?

What is your favorite piece of training gear- and why can't you swim without it?

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