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10 Habits of Elite Athletes

10 Habits of Elite Athletes
Habits of Elite Athletes | Kiefer Swim ProductsBeing or becoming elite at anything is very much about hard work. Sometimes it is pre-destined by good genes and being self-possessed, but just because you have ability doesn’t mean you will automatically be successful. There are learned traits and actions that will help boost your abilities whether you have ‘the gift’ or not. Here are 10 habits of elite athletes. Would you add anything to this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 1. There is no part-time You are 100% in or you are out. If you want to be the best you have to be that committed all the time. In all areas. You are aware of the work you have to put in, and the maintenance it will take to keep you there. 2. Self-confidence Those who believe in themselves will generally outperform those that lack confidence. Combining talent, hard work, and self-confidence can be deadly in competition. 3. Embrace the grind Love what you do. Relish in the fatigue a great workout brings. Admire your passion, encourage excellence, and move past just ‘good.’ 4. Purpose Goal setting is a great motivator and it fuels the drive. If you don’t have anything to work towards why are you working? Eventually that question will come back to bite you, so set goals for all occasions. A goal to achieve in practice, one for the week, the month, the season, the year and even years from now. 5. Integrity You can’t be shaken. You’ve started something with your goals in mind and you will get there. Your commitment is part of your character and your resolve can’t be broken. Having a strong sense of personal integrity means that you honor not only your commitment to others, but to yourself first and foremost. 6. Work well with others Be able to exist, work, and learn with your peers and your coaches. Being able to accept criticism and help is a huge part of growing and developing, not only as an athlete, but as a human being too. 7. Be a do’er When you encounter problems, you solve them. When elite athletes find themselves backed into a corner, they find a way out. They are action-oriented, and excuses are not part of their dialog. 8. Power of positive Elite athletes have an unshakeable ability to see the good in everything. Blame isn’t placed on the shoulders of others, nor is it placed on the surrounding environment. Being able to overcome and stay focused in non-optimal conditions is what being the best is all about. 9. Leadership Stepping into a role of leadership may not seem like a necessity, but your team needs one. Your business needs one, your family needs one. Learning to be a good leader early on is invaluable. Those skills are not only an asset in the pool, but in life as well. It is valuable beyond monetary compensation. 10. Love Your passion is your fuel. Find it, feed it, and watch it grow into something amazing. If it isn’t in the pool, look for it. When you find it your heart will blossom and you will flourish.
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