A Legacy of Innovation and Impact in Swimming

Inspired by his work in the Navy, Adolph Kiefer established Adolph Kiefer & Associates in 1947. Soon after establishing Kiefer & Associates, Adolph began working on several new revolutionary innovations that would change the sport of swimming forever. By 1948, Kiefer had developed the world's first nylon swimsuit. Around the same time Adolph invented the kickboard, which has helped a countless number of individuals learn how to swim. In the mid 1950s Kiefer introduced the world's first turbulence resistant racing lane. He was also the first person in the world to distribute soft molded swim goggle gasket. Kiefer reinvented several other swim safety devices over the years, and the company Adolph Kiefer founded continues to be at the forefront of swimming innovation.

Business and Innovations

As the Navy’s Chief Athletics Specialist in charge of Physical Fitness and Swimming, Adolph Kiefer taught thousands of sailors to swim, and focused on getting them the right training and the right equipment. Learn the stories that inspired Adolph to start his own swim company and design innovative swim products – products that have helped swimmers get better and saved lives around the world.