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Zoomers Gold Swim Fins

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New improved Zoomer Gold fins feature a softer and more comfortable foot pocket!

Zoomers are short blade swim fins that promote a shorter, faster kick. Zoomers provide ideal propulsion for perfecting swimming kick and stroke, allowing for better form over longer periods of time. Zoomers smaller blade makes legs work harder without overloading muscles, helping avoid burnout while sustaining optimal workout level for longer time periods.

Zoomers allow training at or above race pace, improving high-speed neuromuscular coordination and reducing upper-body stress. The core of your workout is improved, allowing you to become a better swimmer with a stronger, faster kick.

Kick Science:
Zoomers are designed to help practice and perfect this smaller kick by providing just enough extra propulsion while avoiding additional drag.

* To prevent rubbing and blisters, order your current shoe size for a snug and secure fit. If between sizes, a Kiefer Lycra Sock will prevent rubbing and add comfort. Wet fins for fitting - dry fitting is not recommended. Kiefer will exchange or refund your fin purchase if when tried on in the water, the fit does not meet your expectations. Returns will only be excepted with dry fins in packaging as was received. (Cut, torn, or ripped packaging will not be accepted).

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