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TYR Tracer B-Series Female Aeroback Image

TYR Tracer B-Series Female Aeroback

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Validated through rigorous active drag testing protocols with sports scientists, Olympic athletes and coaches, and perfected in real competition, the Tracer High Performance line of technical swimsuits offers swimmers a real choice in precision enhancement. The Tracer B-Series features a FINA approved body style and fabric content with no sewing or threading, which means greater drag reduction and a smooth, flawless finish. Each connecting seam is fused with high bond micro-tape to weld fabric together ultrasonically. The Tracer B-Series has an exclusive muscle-mapping pattern, creating the most form fitting suit with up to a 25% increase in zoned compression. The series 1 compression generated by the suit decreases muscle undulation and helps improve blood flow and re-oxygenation for the muscle core. The suit's lightweight quick drying fabric has woven micro-filament that has enhanced stretch properties and memory retention to promote longevity and form-fit.

Colors: Black