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StretchCordz - Long Belt Slider Safety Image
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StretchCordz - Long Belt Slider Safety

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A 2" waist belt with sliding attachment connected to a 20-foot length of latex tubing for resisted swim out and speed assisted swim back. Can be used in both a 25 yard or 25 meter pool. One resistance tubing

New safety enhancement: safety cord runs down the center of the tubing to act As a limiter along with a neoprene padded waist belt.

Silver 3-8 pounds of pull
Yellow 5-14 lbs of pull
Green 8-24 lbs of pull
Red 12-31 lbs of pull.

Can order StretchCordz safety cord replacement tubing* (20 ft lengths), to convert your Long Belt Slider into a different resistance. *See product number 661118RT.

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