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Kiefer Wave Eater I Individual Float

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When speed and performance matter most!

Wave Eater I racing lanes are a smaller version of our Wave Eater II design and are intended for facilities that are concerned with excellent wave quelling performance while staying within their budget. Using a smaller float diameter than the Wave Eater II, but the same float length and 8 wave quelling fins, the Wave Eater I absorbs up to 69%* of the wave energy between lanes, blocking twice as much wave energy* than other brands of racing lanes on the market. Patented float construction with individual flotation chambers gives each racing lane proper buoyancy height for excellent wave reduction. Wave Eater I floats also use a larger center band to enhance wave reduction, allow for fewer gaps between floats, and provide user-friendly rounded edge fins. This design boasts improved coiling for storage and excellent durability. Wave Eater I racing lanes are intended for use in moderate-to-higher level competition facilities that host swim club, high school, collegiate and international competitions.

(* Determined through independent testing of various racing lane designs as conducted by a 3rd party evaluator)

It is strongly recommended that Wave Eater I Racing Lanes only be stored on Kiefer Storage Reels to protect your investment against damage.

Floats measure 5" (12.5 cm) in diameter by 5.63" (14.29 cm) long.

Colors: Black, Grey, Green, Light Blue, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal, White, Yellow.

Made in the USA

4 Year warranty! All floats shipped on or after January 1, 2012, are protected against defects in materials and workmanship for 4 years after shipping date.