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Kiefer Water Noodle - Standard

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Soft, flexible Kiefer Water Noodles don't need inflating and are great for both adults and children! Kiefer noodles won't puncture and lose air like inflatables - and can be jumped on and tied in knots without breaking. Great for swim training, flutter kicking, water resistance exercises, deep water running or just floating around!

Kiefer Water Noodles are constructed from a buoyant and lightweight, closed cell polyethylene foam, providing superior resistance to swimming chemicals and water absorption. This durable material is extremely resilient and highly resistant to tearing and tensile stress - built to take twisting, bending, and any other abuse in the line of duty.

Kiefer Standard Noodles are round and may or may not have a center hole.

Color: Assorted.

Standard: 58" Length, 2.7" Diameter.


Ships oversize ground.