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Kiefer Type III Swim Vest - Pee Wee

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Great for water sports and stylish enough for any swimming pool, beach, or boat!

Kiefer Type III Swim Vests are U.S. Coast Guard approved for added safety and piece of mind. Kiefer recommends Type III vests for adults or mature children who would like more freedom in the water, without the restrictions of a bulky Type II vest. Comfortably soft closed cell foam maintains buoyancy without absorbing water, protected by a tough vinyl coating for added durability. 3 adjustable polypropylene belts with quick release buckles have maximum durability and utility (1 strap on the Pee Wee size goes between the legs, offering added safety by keeping vest in place). Vest sides are vented sides for freedom of movement and comfort.

Please note: Type III vests are not designed to turn a person from a face-down position to a face-up position.

Size: Pee Wee - 23-24" Chest, 30-50 lbs.

Color: Yellow.

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