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Kiefer Pro Series Triton Swim Mask L/XL Image
Swim Goggles - Molded Gasket
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Kiefer Pro Series Triton Swim Mask L/XL

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From Kiefer's NEW Pro Series! Kiefer Triton Masks are Kiefer's premium hydrodynamic and lightweight swim masks designed to deliver a comfortable fit and optimum visibility without interfering with proper swim form, eliminating drag and fatigue that larger masks can cause. A soft and durable silicone gasket molds to face, preventing water from entering. Split silicone headstrap fits over the crown of your head, providing optimal, balanced seal pressure and a secure fit. Sized large and extra-large, this is the perfect alternative to swim goggles.

Clear Viewing: Deluxe curved lenses offer 180-degree viewing and crystal clear vision, using an anti-fog treatment to absorb condensation caused by temperature differentials common in both competition and training.

Eye Protection: UV protection protects eyes from harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

Your mask - your fit: Headstrap is quickly and easily adjusted. Simply pull side straps to tighten and use front mounted push buttons to loosen.

Recommended for open water racing and all swim training, Triton Swim Masks are a natural choice for swimmers looking for a low profile mask to compliment proper swim form with unparalleled visibility and viewing angles.

Size: Large/XL - Fits large and XL faces.

Color: Blue Lens with Translucent Blue Frame.

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