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Kiefer Kids UV Thermal Wetsuit

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Stop the shivering, chattering teeth and blue lips most kids get during swim lessons with this "sweater" for the water. Our soft neoprene wetsuit helps keep your child's core warm during pool time. Similar to our Kiefer Kids Wetsuit (685201) but with sleeves. Pefect for any learn to swim class in a cold swimming pool.

Neoprene thickness - 2.2mm

Colors: Aqua, Blue, Pink.

Sizing Chart:
Size 2-4 = Height 30-40" / Weight 20-40 lbs.
Size 5-6 = Height 40"-50" / Weight 35-50 lbs.
Size 7-8 = Height 45"-57" / Weight 50-70 lbs.
Size 9-10 = Height 53"-62" / Weight 70-85 lbs.

Limited Selection - While Supplies Last!

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