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Kiefer Core Kickboard

Kiefer Core Kickboard

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Kiefer Core Kickboard* is a great new training aid. It's unique shape and buoyancy activate core muscles for a better workout. The Core board can be used horizontally as a traditional board or vertically for resistance kick training. Molded hand grips ensure a consistent hold with every use. Designed to promote exceptional body position on top of the water and decreases pressure on the shoulders, this board will bring out the best in one's kicking abilities.

Kickboard Dimensions: 15" H x 16" W

Try adding this 300 yard kicking set to your next swim workout: 4 x 75 yards as follows: 25Y Free kick - 25Y Fly kick - 25Y "Snow Plow" (For Snow Plow, hold your Kiefer Core Kickboard upright in the water to catch the most water and maximize resistance).

Tester Feedback: “…I will be adding one to my gear bag the moment shipments arrive. Kicking is not my strong suit and I actively avoid using a board preferring to be on my back. I love this board! It takes pressure off my shoulders and lower back providing relief from old injuries. Highly recommended!” - Emily Mason-Milak

*Patent Pending

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