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Kiefer 48" Super Mesh Rescue ExoTube™

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The Kiefer 48" Super Mesh Rescue ExoTube™ with Reach Assist Loop is constructed from super lightweight closed cell foam, completely encased by a durable nylon mesh tubing to reduce splitting and cracking, fusing tube and mesh into one piece for superior strength. Bonding the mesh to rescue tube foam creates a textured surface, providing firm and reliable grip to lifeguards, rescuers, and victims. Towline strap extends through the entire tube length and uses an internal anchor helps to prevent pull-through. Adjustable Shoulder Harness gives lifeguards a personalized fit, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue. Velcro Towline Tie-Down eliminates tripping hazards while on patrol or responding to an emergency. GUARD lettering is screened in white for high visibility.

Dimensions: 48" L x 6" W x 3" D