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Kiefer 40" CPR Rescue Tube

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The Kiefer 40" CPR Rescue Tube is one of the best all around piece of water rescue equipment available. This multi-purpose device can be used for throwing or for towing a swimmer. This rescue tube features a CPR mask pocket and retainer strap, 12" extension strap, and Delrin buckles.

Features and Benefits:

* Tube length: 40 inches
* Convenient built-in CPR mask pocket with retainer strap keeps vital gear with you at all times during a rescue.
* 12" strap extension accommodates swimmers of larger girth.
* Durable strap-through-tube construction extends tube life, protects tube strap from pulling out.
* Smooth, rounded edges reduce drag in waterand are crack resistant by design.
* Extra thickess for added buoyancy gives an added boost, making swimmer retrieval easier for lifeguards / rescuers.
* Constructed of soft vinyl-coated PVC foam and lightweight Delrin quick-release plastic buckles to increase swimmer comfort and reduce chances of injury on contact.
* 6 foot heavy-duty polypropylene towline features an extra wide strap to reduce pull on the shoulder area.
* Approved by leading lifeguard trainers for use in pools, water parks, and open water.

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