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Finis Floating Swim Fins

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Add power to your kick and build strength with Finis Floating Swim Fins. These long fins will keep your legs buoyant to help reduce body drag while swimming.

Sizing by Color:
XXXS - Jr. 8/11 / Blue/Lime Green
XXS - Jr. 11/1 - Blue/Orange
XS - M1/3, W2/4 - Blue/Yellow
S - M3/5, W4/6 - Red/Black
M - M5/7, W6/8 - Red/Blue
L - M7/9, W8/10 - Red/Grey
XL - M9/11, W10/12 - Black/Red
XXL - M11/13 - Black/Navy
XXXL - M13/15 - Black/Dark Green

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