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Ordering Racing Lanes ›

Swim teams or aquatics directors ordering racing lanes for the first time may find the process to be challenging. Without learning the basics, you may end up ordering lane lines that do not meet the needs of your aquatic center or pool patrons.

Restringing Racing Lanes – The Fast Way! ›

Just as motorists must change flat tire, aquatics directors, coaches, and even team parents will likely face a lane rope restringing project. Learn how to quickly restring racing lanes (and add 15 meter markers) with expert advice from Kiefer.

15 Meter Resurfacing Markers – The Underwater Swimming Rule ›

Explaining Swimming’s 15 Meter Mark
New swimmers, swim parents, coaches, and aquatics directors must all learn the 15 meter resurfacing rule or underwater 15 meter rule. Swimmers need to know this rule because breaking this regulation results in disqualification – ouch! Certain techniques used by swimmers cause them to spend more time swimming below the surface … Read More ›