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Cold in the Swimming Pool? Warm Up!

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Nobody likes to be cold in the swimming pool!

Unless you’re a very unusual athlete, blue nail beds, tight muscles, and chattering teeth are not your idea of fun. Getting cold in the pool can turn a great swim workout into a miserable experience that can result in falling short of your fitness goals and an unshakable all-day chill.

Pool time is precious and often hard to fit into your schedule – so what can you do to keep warm and keep your swimming on track?

How To Keep Warm in Cold Water:

  • Dress Warm: Dress appropriately before you leave for the pool. Many swimmers make the mistake of dressing down before workouts to minimize the temperature transition from pool deck to pool water. Don’t do this! When you arrive at the pool pre-chilled, your condition is less likely to change.
  • Get Ready:  Make sure your mesh gear bag and precious swim gear are close at hand to the end of your lane. Jumping in and out of the pool usually chills swimmers, so make sure your equipment is conveniently located. Adjust your swim goggles, MP3 player, and swimwear before entering the pool.
  • Dive In Quickly: Build on the momentum that carried you to the pool. Don’t waste time eyeballing the water – dive in immediately. Spending time on deck will not keep sustain warmth during your workout.
  • You’re In – Get Swimming: This is the most important step for me. Make sure your workout includes a warm up with full body swimming. Sure, you may be excited to use your new hand paddles or swimmer snorkel, but start with a substantial and consistent swimming effort at the top of your workout before you start working on drills and stroke technique. Spirited full body swimming will help maintain your body temperature. Swim drills and stroke work are important to improving your swimming, but beginning with a lesser effort could cause your body to cool down and get cold.
  • Keep It Moving: It’s wonderful that you’ve discovered a new best friend in your lane – but keep it moving. Chatting between sets or laps eats more time than you realize. Keep rest intervals under control and move on with your swim.
  • Get Out / Get Warm: Congratulations – your pool time is up and hopefully you hit your yardage. Get out and get warm. Hit the hot tub, take a hot shower, dry your hair and body, and dress warmly.
Warm Swimmer = Happy Swimmer

Warm Swimmer = Happy Swimmer

Cold swimmers – did my advice help you stay warm in the pool? Please let me know what you think and share your tips as well!

See you at the pool,

Robin Spencer Kiefer


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About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer is a lifetime fitness swimmer and endurance athlete. After becoming an Ironman in 2008, Robin continues to push the limits of marketing & parenting. He is the Vice President of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at Kiefer.

Recent Comments (2)

What about wearing a shirt of some kind until becoming acclimated to the water temp?

Absolutley, wearing insulating clothing in the pool will help you acclimate and stay warm in unpleasantly cold water- the trick is finding the right clothing. Kiefer used to tight-fitting neoprene clothing, but it was very costly.
We also carry lycra watershirts for swimmers.
Ultimately you want to find a way to keep warm that won’t interfere with your activity in the pool- in the WaterShirt doesn’t impeded your swimming- than it’s a great way to beat the cold.

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