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Swimmer Quotes: 7 Inspirational Quotes From Olympic Swimmers ›

“The water is your friend…you don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.”
-Alexander Popov (RUS) Gold medalist and former WR record holder in the 50 free

Swimming Technique Part Four: 3 Ways To Improve Freestyle ›

Welcome back to part four of our six part series on increasing speed. As we round out our strokes with this final edition please don’t forget to check back in for starts and turns to give you six different articles. If you are just joining us feel free to take a look back at Read More ›

Swimming Technique Part Three: 3 Ways To Improve Speed (Breaststroke Edition) ›

Welcome back to part three of our swimming faster series, if you are new please check out our previous editions featuring butterfly and backstroke.

Today we are going to talk about breaststroke and how you can improve your speed.

Swimming Technique Part Two: 3 Ways To Improve Speed (Backstroke Edition) ›

Welcome back to Kiefer’s speed improvement series. We started last week with butterfly moving on to backstroke. Getting faster now.
There is almost always something you can do today to feel and be faster in the water. For those of you after quick results here you go!

Swimming Technique: 3 Ways To Improve Speed (Butterfly Edition) ›

Looking for a faster butterfly? Check out Emily Milak’s advice for a faster Butterfly stroke.