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Kiefer Core Kickboard Product Review

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Kiefer’s Latest Kickboard

Kiefer Core Kickboard

Kiefer Core Kickboard

Hey swimmers, have we got a new piece of training gear for you! Kiefer is excited to add the Kiefer Core Kickboard to our lineup of quality kickboards. Trust us – this board is different. And might I personally say, better than anything else out there.

In fact, this training device is more than just a kickboard. It is a multi-functional tool to helping swimmers of all abilities improve themselves in and out of water.

A New Kickboard Design

I’m sure you’ve noticed that it doesn’t look like most swimming kickboards, and its form follows function. A wide base and different structural materials create optimal float and body position, while engaging core muscles on multiple levels.

Great For All Swimmers and Aquatics Programs

Experienced Swimmers

Experienced swimmers can use it as a standard board with benefits:

  • Unique design minimizes pressure on upper back, lower back, and shoulders.
  • When held vertically, it becomes a water plow for a more intense leg workout.
  • Use molded hand grips and turn your body vertical holding the Core Board overhead for an added challenge to vertical kick sets.


Teams, this kickboard battles back against shoulder discomfort or pain. The Kiefer Core Kickoard is specifically designed to be more user friendly than a standard board; plus, it has more uses. In addition to water plowing or vertical kicking, it’s an excellent transition pad for quick pool exits to situps, pushups, and other deck exercises – without rubbing back, hands, or knees raw on rough or hot pool decks.

Fitness Swimmers / Aquatic Exercisers

Use the Core Kickboard for increasing arm and chest strength. Hold it vertically and submerge it halfway in the water.  While standing on the bottom of the pool, use the Core Board to push water away from you. Too easy? Push the board deeper to find your ultimate resistance level. Too hard?  Try sitting on the board and pulling yourself around the pool using a modified breaststroke or freestyle pull.

Facilities / Kids

Facilities, this board benefits you also! Besides being completely adaptable to the aforementioned swimmer types, this board is great fun for kids. The increased size and shape allows these boards to function as surfboards. By placing it under your feet or sitting on it, kids can practice balance or run silly races back and forth across the pool. Of course racers would lose points if they fall off the Core Board!

Bonus KICKING Drill Set

At Kiefer, we do our best to provide challenging swim workouts. Use the Core Kickboard for the following drills to improve overall strength and performance. This adaptable mini set will familiarize you with the unique Kiefer Core Kickboard features:

20 x 25’s* Freestyle Kick @ :10 rest

  • #1 Normal Position
  • #2 Water Plow Build
  • #3 Normal Position
  • #4 Water Plow FAST!
  • Exit to Deck
    • After #4 for 1:00 of sit-ups with your back on the board. Repeat 1-4.
    • After #8 for 1:00 of plank position on elbows and toes, keeping board under elbows. Repeat 1-4.
    • After #12 for 20 push-ups on your hands or knees with board. Repeat 1-4.
    • After #16 for 1:00 of plank.  Repeat 1-4.
    • After #20 for 1:00 of sit ups.

* More advanced swimmers can take this set to 20 x 50’s

I know that the Kiefer Core Board will raise your training to a new level. We’d love to hear what benefits or new uses that you’ve discovered when using your Kiefer Core Kickboard.

See you at the swimming pool,


About Emily Milak

Emily Milak is a lifetime competitive swimmer living in Southeastern Wisconsin. Emily is a US National Team champion, NCAA champion, and USMS champion with extensive coaching experience. She is a product development consultant at Kiefer.

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