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3 Out-Of-The-Water Exercises that Strengthen Your Swimming Muscles ›

Protect your joints and muscles by keeping them strong and long out of the water. Here are three tips to help strengthen some of the most important muscles for swimmers.

5 Ways Swimmers Self Sabotage ›

Take a minute to browse these potential scenarios so you can check yourself before you wreck yourself at competitions.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Swimmers ›

To helpĀ take your swimming to the next level, Kiefer’s own Emily Milak compiled a list of 7 habits effective swimmers have. Let us know which habit has been most beneficial in your swimming, and add your own to the list in the comments!

Safer Swimmer Open Water Swimming Buoy ›

Looking for safer, more enjoyable swimming in open water? Check out Robin Kiefer’s review of the Safer Swimmer Open Water Swim Buoy.

Basic Gear For Fitness Swimming Part 2 ›

Ready to ramp up your swim fitness? Learn about adding more advanced swim gear to your training to make the most of your swim workout.